Using the Map and Compass in Anger – 111, 112 High Pike and Carrock Fell. 

111, 112 High Pike and Carrock Fell.  


This was probably the worst weather day I have been out with the wheel. The mist was down and it was cold. I had intended to park at Mosedale, but Mark persuaded me to drive up to Carrock mine with the promise he would cut back and fetch the car. We were treated to the spectacle of hound trail dogs successfully or not so plotting a course across the fell side.

We discovered the MBA (Mountain Bothy Association) Lingy Hut, which is beautifully kept. As we came out, after sheltering from the wind, we were greeted by a group of ultra runners on the Cumbria Way (mile 20 of 38 for the day and that was before lunch!) to discover that Jenny Rice had stayed at our barn and another runner had already followed my spinning journey. Small mountain world!

The Mercer family who popped up on High Pike commented through the mist that, “it looks like a “KIWI”  – I was very impressed that the dad knew a Kiwi was a type of spinning wheel. Alas he was talking about the symbol on the Cairn. However, the wheel was signed (hands sanitised) by their Wainwright climbing children and we enjoyed their company on  the summit.

Descending from Carrock Fell turned into a true mountain adventure when the path contouring from Further Gill to Snail Shell Crag disappeared. To begin with I wanted to cry, but having Bheinn with me (Mark had left us at the top to double back for the car) I told myself not panic and that I did not need to call out the mountain rescue – yet!  I had a torch, map and compass. This was my money, where mouth is time for every occasion I had mentally berated foolish walkers for not carrying appropriate navigation equipment, or knowing how to use it.  As the cloud cleared I could take a back bearing from the farms and aim to a distinctive field pattern. When we met the path it was small and indistinct and I don’t think we had been that far off it at any point. Bheinn loved the adventure. I loved the nerve calming pint in The Mill inn. A great mountain day!

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