It’s Graham Again! Blencathra and Mungrisedale Common 108-9

Blencathra and Mungrisedale Common

I have never walked Blencathra from The Blencathra Centre side, but what a delightful route.  We used to run it from The Packhorse pub, before work, many years ago, but now I realise we really missed a treat.  The assent is short and sharp – made easier by the drive to 300m for the start.  Once at the top there is an amazing ridge walk to the summit.  And who should we meet but Graham and his daughter (wife and son) finishing her round of Wainwrights.  A very dedicated and inspiring young lady, who was the first to sign my wheel.  I was thrilled to see her finish along with a “socially distanced” crowd of strangers. No organised party unfortunately due to the coronavirus rule of 6 having been introduced.  We could not wait to leave the summit.  Bundled up against the -10 windchill with all my clothes put on in the wrong order to look look like “Barbapapa” (google it if you are under 50), we descended to Mungrisedale Common in record time.

I love the way this photo makes the terrain look really steep


The top of Mungrisedale Common is the most disputed Wainwright out there, but if you are on it you can see a 360 degree view of mountain tops.  I get it. Great Mountain!


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