Herdwick Discovery Week: From Fleece to Fireside Rug - Residential Course

The Herdwick Discovery week is a 5 day residential course, immersing you in all the traditional processes required to turn a fleece from the back of the sheep into a handmade heirloom rug.  As you work you will be able to gaze out on the Herdwick sheep, grazing where they have been historically farmed for over 100 years. You will learn to process, spin and weave the wool from those very sheep. You will visit the farms where the original flocks were bred and inspired Beatrix Potter to save the farms and the breed.  Find out about the daily routine of the farmers first hand. Learn to process a Herdwick fleece from the time it is shorn from the sheep, through “scouring” (cleaning), “carding” and “combing” (processing), spinning, dying and weaving, all in the atmospheric Wild Wool Barn with tutor Susan Denham-Smith.

The course is advertised to run for set dates in the year but can be booked by a private group (4-6 participants) at any time of your choosing.  Set Dates:-

Sunday 23 June – Friday 28 June 2019  (The week before Woolfest in Cockermouth)

Sunday 15th September – Friday 20 September 2019

Residential - £640 Non-residential - £360 (including lunches, tea and coffee)


to Dates and Prices on application.

Herdwick Discovery Week