Improver’s Spinning- FANCY YARNS

2 Day Course at the Wild Wool Workshop, Ennerdale

From 9am- 4pm


Improvers’ spinning – FANCY YARNS is a 2 day course for spinners who want to improve their techniques and explore the wondrous world of “fancy yarns” so you can spin more intentionally to create the yarns you dream of.


To begin with we review the correct techniques for preparing and spinning different fibres and understanding what makes a consistent yarn. We then move on to spinning fat singles, fat and thin (slub yarns), crepes, spirals, knops, pigtails, Boucle and looking at colour in fractal spinning.


This is not a course for beginners and you should bring your own wheel and must be able to spin a continuous yarn using basic short forward or backward draw. If you are in doubt please give me a ring and we will have a chat.