Improver’s Spinning- TECHNIQUES

2 Day Course at the Wild Wool Workshop, Ennerdale

From 9am- 4pm


Improvers’ spinning – techniques is a 2 day course for spinners who want to improve their techniques so they can spin more intentionally to create the yarns they dreamed of consistently. You will learn the correct technique for preparing and spinning different fibres and understand how knowing your wheel and attention the number of twists and record keeping, all make spinning a consistent yarn easy peasy


We will look at wheel set up and options, types of different fibres, preparation of fibres, twist and counting twist, spinning long fibres (SFD), spinning fat and thin (in preparation for long draw) Spinning short fibres (long draw) learning about grist.


A range of different wool and fibres will be used during the course, including, lustre longwools such as Lincoln and Leiscester, shortwools such as Castlemilk Moorit, Suffolk and downs breeds, Herdwick, mules, crossbreeds and Jacob as well as some luxury fibres, and silk.